Stefan Goetz


Core capabilities:

  • Cross-Border Corporate Finance Advice
  • Financial Benchmarking and Controlling
  • U.S. Market Entry Consulting

Experienced expert for German Mittelstand.

Languages: English, German.

“There are always attractive opportunities on the market. But just a few spot it right.”

Stefan has helped German companies establishing their US presence over the course of the last seven years. He started his career building up the US presence of a German technology firm and later changed sides by working for the German American Chamber of Commerce. It was there where Stefan developed and rolled out the M&A consulting service for German midcap clients. An increasing number of German companies decided to prefer an acquisition of an existing US business over a complete startup operation. After successful advising midsize to large German investors, Stefan moved on working for the leading German equipment financier in Chicago.

He structured financial products, such as leases and loans for ticket sizes between USD 100k up to 30m. This further shaped his awareness that German customer need specialized financial solutions to fit their needs in the US and to be in line with the financial targets of the headquarters back in Europe. Traditionally the US financial market is not easily accessible for German investors then often assumed. Especially midsize companies may struggle to meet all financial, tax and commercial regulations, whereas most US banks will insist on an established US credit history, while lacking an understanding of the typical business model of the German Mittelstand.

Experiencing his customer’s obstacles every day, Stefan Goetz decided to join the team of Sugarwood Financial to develop our new Mittelstand Investment platform. It is the clear objective of this service to structure customized financial products that match our clients’ business plans for the US, while benchmarking interest rates and conditions. Together with our far-reaching network, we can save our customer time and money, as well as a lot of personal resources when dealing with US lenders.

Stefan Goetz has a certificate degree in Corporate Finance and US GAAP Accounting, as well as a master’s degree in political economics from the University of Bath, UK. He researched extensively with the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence Berlin on the reasons for the financial crisis 2008 and the regulations that followed thereafter, giving him a well-rounded analytical skill set to evaluate the right balance between risk and return.

Although Stefan is a big fan of the city of Chicago, he has never liked deep dish pizza, and is happy now to enjoy seafood from his new location in Boston from where he will serve Sugarwood corporate clients in the US.