Our investment expertise is a critically important aspect of our overall capabilities. We offer a unique selection of handpicked investment solutions. The portfolio strategies we offer, range from traditional U.S. focused investments, Europe-centered equity and fixed income allocations to alternative investments in Private Equity and Venture Capital.
Our executive team has long been an advocate for active/passive blending in portfolios and strongly believes in the added value of this approach. Finally, we offer our clients direct access to one of the World’s leading investment boutiques. Through our network of pre-screened portfolio managers our clients can choose from the best of the best in each specific market segment.


Compelling Choice For Wealth Building. Decent Returns, Low Cost.

Sugarwood Smart Portfolios


It is easy to invest on your own in a rising tide market. But as soon as you get into a choppy market and uncharted waters, you are better off with someone with vast investment knowledge, who can give sound, time-tested advice. Through the Sugarwood Smart Portfolios we have created preset asset allocations based on the principles of selected factors, also known as smart beta. A smart beta investment strategy is designed to add value by strategically choosing, weighting and rebalancing the companies built into an index based upon objective factors. But we go a step beyond: All our portfolios are not only optimized in terms of their asset allocations, but they also are able to minimize the negative performance caused by declining markets.


All securities in the Sugarwood Smart Portfolios are selected by predefined criteria and peridically adjusted. The Sugarwood Smart Portfolios are designed for investors that want to benefit from selected portfolios of securities, while avoiding high fees and hidden charges. Unlike classic mutual funds, investors in Sugarwood Smart Portfolios do not pay redemption fees, subscription fees or performance fees. Also, we do not invest in complex and costly share classes. Sounds enchanting? It’s not a fairy-tale, it’s the Sugarwood difference!


Structured to your needs. Without compromise.

Investment Products Engineering


Structured Investment Products are flexible, efficient and powerful instruments frequently used in professional portfolios worldwide. These products provide you with returns that can be linked to the performance of an underlying benchmark such as equity markets (e.g. S&P500 Index, DJIA Index, DAX or FTSE100), single stocks or ETFs (e.g. AAPL, GE, JNJ, SPY, QQQ), commodities (e.g. Gold, Oil), corporate credits, bonds or foreign exchange markets (USD/EUR/CHF/GBP etc.).

One of the most attractive benefits of Structured Investment Products is the protection of some or all of the capital you invest. In addition, it is possible to leverage your investment opportunities or add built-in ‘airbags’ to minimize the risk factors.

At Sugarwood Financial, we have extensive knowledge about utilizing Structured Investment Products in smart and productive ways for your portfolio. This includes structuring, trading and life-cycle management. We always educate our clients about the individual risks and potential market scenarios that may lead to negative impacts on their portfolios and their holdings.

We offer our clients tailor-made Structured Investment Products that meet their specific investment objectives, tolerance for risk and time horizons. Our clients can select from more than 1,000+ global investment securities to design and build individual investment portfolios.


Client Benefits:

Unique Exposure

Choose from more than 1,000 investment securities – Stocks, ETFs, Commodities or other financial instruments. A global universe you can’t find anywhere else.

Tailored Offering

Specifically address your personal risk/return appetite. You no longer need to stick with financial products off the shelf – now you can design the exact investment exposure you want.

Airbag Included

Unlike ordinary long-only securities, some Structured Investment Products offer decent downside protection – like an airbag for your invested money!



As part of our Portfolio Management activities, all clients have access to our Investment Products Engineering services. No additional fees, no catch. Simply clever.

Preselected offerings. Exclusive opportunities.

Alternative Investments


Alternative Investments (hedge fund strategies, private equity and venture capital) have gained a reputation for generating mostly uncorrelated returns and relative outperformance in market crises. Carefully selected offerings provide an alternative investment exposure with diversification and enhanced return potential over the long term. Unfortunately, some (self-declared) hedge fund gurus and private equity star managers turn out to be so much empty blather, generating very disappointing results. That’s why a strict, independent and rigorous due-diligence process is critical when investing in alternatives.

Since 2007, our investment team has proven experience in private equity, venture capital and alternative investment solutions. Today, we offer our clients unique access to a selected variety of investment opportunities. A dominant part of our emerging markets alternative investments is devoted to environmental and social responsible investments (SRI). We strongly believe that there should no contradiction between successful investing and doing good things. Please be aware that some Alternative Investments may be restricted to certain investor profiles.


For individual questions about our Global Investment Solutions and/or to initiate discussions with Sugarwood Financial’s investment management team — please contact us directly. We will get back to you shortly. All communication is held in strict confidence and with full respect for your privacy. Looking forward to hearing from you!