Our investment expertise is a critically important aspect of our overall capabilities. We offer active advise about how to navigate successfully in the global markets and support the selection process (best in class) to build or restructure your portfolio. The portfolio strategies we offer, range from traditional U.S. focused investments, Europe-centered equity and fixed income allocations to alternative investments in Private Equity, Private Debt and Venture Capital.

Our executive team has long been an advocate for active/passive blending in portfolios and strongly believes in the added value of this approach. Finally, we offer our clients direct access to one of the World’s leading investment boutiques. Through our network of pre-screened portfolio managers our clients can choose from the best of the best in each specific market segment.

Benefit from our extensive capital markets knowledge:


It is easy to invest on your own in a rising tide market. But as soon as you get into a choppy market and uncharted waters, you are better off with someone with vast investment knowledge, who can give sound, time-tested advice. We monitor the markets closely and provide our clients with specific advice.


Unlock the potential of global diversification along with low-cost investment products – say good-bye to costly non-sense offerings. We scan, analyze and benchmark the products–mostly Exchange traded funds– and stocks we use and utilize for our investment activities. Our clients get the best of class instead of what is pre-recommended on a "broker list" from a wirehouse.


Clients, who have the right risk-profile, can have access through Sugarwood Financial to Structured Notes. These investment products are flexible, efficient and powerful instruments frequently used in professional portfolios worldwide. These products provide you with returns that can be linked to the performance of an underlying benchmark such as equity markets (e.g. S&P500 Index, DJIA Index, DAX or FTSE100), single stocks or ETFs (e.g. AAPL, GE, JNJ, SPY, QQQ), commodities or other assets. Also, one of the most attractive benefits of Structured Investment Products is the protection of some or all of the capital you invest.


Our service for investment solution clients does not end at annoying call centers and dial-by-tone menus. We are locally present for personal conversations with our licensed representatives.