Equipped with strong private banking and wealth management capabilities, we are very proud to act as independent, prudent and highly experienced investment advisors and wealth managers. For affluent individuals, global executives (including U.S. expatriates living in Europe) and entrepreneurs, families and even young professionals, Sugarwood Financial is the perfect choice.
Why? Because we create tailored financial strategies, individual portfolios and – if desired – create a suite of financial products customized just for you. We do not rely on stereotypical packaged products, nor are we forced to sell anything to our clients. You and your wealth deserve individualized service. As your fiduciary and wealth steward, we will make adjustments over time when you set new financial goals or whenever the winds of the markets change. At Sugarwood Financial, we are passionate about crafting weatherproof success strategies and completing, together with our clients, the long-term journey to “financial success”.



Financial Planning


We go far beyond just retirement topics, buying and selling investments, or simulating fancy cash-flows. Instead, we view ourselves as ‘financial quarterbacks’. We are committed to investing our time and passion at the beginning of each client relationship to gain a deep understanding of your mindset, values, risk tolerance, past experience, and long-term goals. Coordinating with your financial goals (current and long-term), we are able to structure your portfolio, including tailor-made investment products and bespoke financial solutions.

But wealth management actually goes beyond our client’s investments. This work extends to estate planning (domestic and international trusts), lending, real estate, insurance, College Savings plans and advanced retirement solutions/IRAs. Thanks to our expert network, we are capable of tying everything together in one comprehensive service. Our approach appeals to many clients because having one professional partner to coordinate all aspects of their financial life—even in an international context—simplifies what can be a very complex process.

Tailored to your needs, we work out Financial Plans and Strategies covering:

• 401k and IRA
• College Savings and Education Funding
• Young Family Strategies
• Caring for Aging Parents

• U.S. Expatriates Counseling
• Stock Options/Restricted Stock
• Insurance Planning

• Retirement Income Strategies
• Estate Planning
• Estate Settlement Issues

The Sugarwood Financial Planning Strategies, available on a fixed-fee or hourly-fee basis or as part of an overall AUM plan, are crafted and designed around your individual needs. But your life is dynamic. Hence time and circumstances continuously impact outcomes. As a result, we regularly review, verify, and update all aspects of your personal plan and — if necessary — modify the relevant elements of your plan. This active oversight help our clients to stay on course with their financial goals. Anytime, anywhere.

Smart Investments. Global Access. Independent advice.

Portfolio Management


Managing your portfolio has huge significance for us. We have a clear obligation to preserve your portfolio’s value by implementing predefined risk-measures to minimize loss in declining markets as well as to grow your net worth and consistently provide positive performance results over the long term. Our portfolio managers and their award-winning investment strategies have demonstrated the ability to achieve these goals – even in challenging markets.

We offer a scalable, exclusive investment solution platform which allows you to access and select high-end solutions appropriate for your specific investment needs. We eliminate high overhead costs and hidden fees. Moreover, we reject any black box, expensive or “fugazi” investment strategies and nonsense products. Bottom line, we are proud to offer market-proven, transparent and value-adding investment strategies.


Client Benefits:


We are privileged to operate independently so we can construct, manage and adjust your portfolio without cross-subsidizing an in-house brokerage desk or falling prey to other conflicts of interest.


The financial industry is well-known for true innovations—and sometimes bold bluffs. Blessed with tons of market experience and a healthy dose of skepticism, our ambition is to invest your money wisely.


Thanks to our bicultural personal and investment backgrounds, we uncover opportunities on both sides of the Atlantic. In addition, our clients benefit from operational advantages.


Our investment professionals have witnessed the year 2000 dotcom bubble, 9/11 and the Great Financial Crisis in 2008. Hence prudent risk management is a critical factor in the successful management of your portfolio.


Real Estate Advisory Services


Moving your family to another city or state is a major event in your life. An even bigger project is relocating from one side of the Atlantic Ocean to the other. If you’re looking for a new home in the U.S. or you are relocating to Europe, Sugarwood Financial is the right place for your real estate advisory needs. We act as an independent real estate advisor taking care of home pre-selection, price comparisons, referrals to licensed real estate agents as well as individual contractual and relocation logistics assistance. Our home turfs are Florida and North Carolina as well as the German-speaking countries in Europe.


For international clients interested in investing in U.S. real estate (trophy estates, buy-to-rent, etc.) or U.S. clients considering investments in European real estate, we offer independent advice and assistance — through selected network partners taking care of legal and tax issues — as well as for direct or pooled acquisitions of residential or commercial properties. We also assist affluent investors in structuring U.S. real estate investment vehicles or Europe-domiciled private investment vehicles to pool their investments in an efficient way.

Client Benefits:

Not a broker

We solely act as your independent advisor and do not have an inventory of real estate properties to sell — nor are we forced to close a certain amount of sales.

Clear focus

Our goal is to guide and advise you about regions, neighbourhoods, taxation, home features, price levels and transactional hints.


Thanks to our bicultural background, we cover the real estate markets in the U.S. and Europe — particularly Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Solid Network

We have an existing network of trusted partners. Also, in the case of a larger real estate investment portfolio, we are glad to assist and bring in independent advice and perspectives.


For individual questions about our Private Wealth Management services and/or to initiate discussions with Sugarwood Financial’s PWM team — please contact us directly. We will get back to you shortly. All communication is held in strict confidence and with full respect to your privacy. Looking forward to hearing from you!