Sugarwood Financial brings a fresh, pleasant flavor into the financial services industry. Our experienced A-team is recognized for delivering first-class investment solutions with boutique-style, personalized service. The Account Opening is fast and guided by our professionals.

* - Hallo is how you are greeted in German-speaking Europe. Yes, indeed—we are a truly transatlantic company.

Benefit from our firm’s capabilities:


We connect the U.S. and Europe.
Best of both—connecting America and Europe. Our clients benefit from a truly transatlantic, cross-border reach: local research expertise, direct market access and frequent intel about best available terms and conditions in the United States as well as in Europe.
Owner-Managed, not manager-driven. We care about the details. By doing this, we can ensure that you are served in the best way possible and that we consistently achieve a level of client satisfaction that truly sets us apart from the competition.
Brand Identity
Tons of experience, earned best practices. We know the markets and how to translate macroeconomic developments into actionable investment strategies. Our motivation is to offer you innovative, satisfying solutions to meet your financial and investment needs.  


"We consider our clients at Sugarwood Financial–individuals as well as corporate clients–to be members of a private club: high-touch service, personal relation and always a customized approach. Even complex demands we solve with passion and Gründlichkeit."

Kathrin Raab, Founding Partner

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German-speaking Client Group – MitVest

Entdecken Sie in den USA neue Möglichkeiten — auch für Ihre Geld- und Vermögensangelegenheiten.

Speziell für Privat- und Firmenkunden1 aus Deutschland, Österreich, der Schweiz und Liechtenstein bietet Sugarwood Financial individuell zugeschnittene, grenzüberschreitende Lösungen. Firmenkunden im Zielmarkt Nordamerika werden darüber hinaus von MitVest umfassend bedient.

1 - Interne Voraussetzungen müssen erfüllt sein.

Sugarwood Smart Portfolios™

Stay on course towards innovative, low-cost wealth-building portfolios. Each with a dedicated investment focus.

Driven by our capital markets expertise and distinctive research insights, we provide a suite of exclusive, inhouse strategies called the Sugarwood Smart Portfolios1—all focused on achieving wealth preservation and positive performance for you. We use solely stocks and ETFs in these portfolios, avoiding complex or costly additives. Request more information.

1 - Investors should consider the investment objective, fees and risks carefully before investing.


Book | "Beyond Smart Beta — Index Investment Strategies for Active Portfolio Management"
The milestone publication about how to make active portfolio management with ETFs and index-based strategies a real success story. More information on http://beyondsmartbeta.com/ or order online at amazon.com


Read the latest press coverage about our milestone publication "Beyond Smart Beta"

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