When we founded Sugarwood Financial Partners, our goal was clear: We wanted to build a new, independent financial boutique—not just another one. But a different one.

Today, we successfully unite the American and European investment philosophy and serve a broad spectrum of clients from the transatlantic community. Ethical and environmental considerations are part of our corporate culture. We do not chase the quick buck, but rather embrace a sustainable business culture – by providing candid advice, customized long-lasting solutions and a holistic service range.

Our brand
Sugarwood (another common name for sandalwood) is a sweet aroma timber. It is an excellent, robust shelter plant. Whilst slow growing in the first couple of years it will put on a spurt once established. Like the aromatic timber, we bring a fresh, pleasant flavor into the financial services industry. We strive to shelter your wealth and keep your business growing.

Unique offering
Our firm’s capabilities stretch from Private Wealth Management and Global Investment Solutions to selected financial services incl. Employee Benefits/401k plans for small and mid-size corporations and institutions. Also, we are partner of the German Mittelstand in North America for diversified financial services.

Personal, multi-channel advisor
The Sugarwood Financial service experience is built around you: Your needs, your investment profile, your priorities. As our client — no matter where you are located or what assets we manage on your behalf — you have a dedicated personal advisor. Robo-advisors and hotlines aren’t always good enough to understand individual questions or ad-hoc needs — and may not deliver the solutions and level of service you deserve. Our advisors are available by phone, video chat, email or in person.

Long-term business model
Our owners’ and associates’ aspiration is to bring back the magic of investing and financial planning along with unrivaled service standards. We consider our clients at Sugarwood Financial to be members of a private club. No case or client demand is too complex for us.

We are a fee-based Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) which means your and our interests are the same. We are a fiduciary – not a broker/dealer.

Find out where Sugarwood Financial can take you: Meet our experts or contact us directly.

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